Desert doves and the likeness

Value, value for me, value for you. I’m going to be careful because I value things differently than I did before.

Growing up that way. Always pushing the merit button, grabbing the blue ribbon. I never believed the words only the results. The best and the things you cannot grab from me. Like that left jab up and inside reaching around to grab that wrist twisting down and outside. This isn’t even an accurate representation of what was intended, but it is what I learned.

I found out about the likeness. It’s more than just in the image, we’re also in the likeness.

She reached for that fruit low hanging and it wasn’t enough. It exploded in her hands like that first time she reached just a little higher.

The likeness is the inner energy, that creative beatitude with the all and the everything. Why didn’t they tell me I was made to walk along side the all and the everything. That my purpose was simply to reside in the house and temple with gold and onyx.. they never said it’s ok. We accept you.

They didn’t know the ego would jump up out of their mouths. It wasn’t told to them because awareness of self was the very essence of death.

Why did they lie and say you can be anything when truthfully I would become what I am to become. It’s about that likeness. Who would reject that common good and gigantic love? Who would run into insecurity disguised as identity? We all do. We do it because it’s the path to redemption. It’s an oath we made somewhere back there long, long ago. I promised myself this pain. I needed it then.

I’m going to start over. I can’t just continue, don’t cross your arms I will explain….

I want to know if the sun is hot, if the Earth is cold for miles then warm again. I need to swing on the swings and feel the push and pull of the ocean. I want to feel the soft fur of a puppy under wet cheek and taste the sting of wasabi on my tongue. Because I’m made in the likeness I need to feel all things in the Spirit.

I need to look into your eyes and burrow deep. I want to kiss your lips and find the water. I want to rid you of the dryness of my assumptions. I want to rock you gently and hold you dearly. I want to feel you breathe and become one flesh in the Spirit.

There is a difference in the way I will value each day. There is a difference in how I will cling without attachment. You are as I am. As we all are. Perfect in the likeness.


I am a child again. I know nothing. Love is not just a word, or an ill-advised movement. You can see I am truthful. Thank You.


We were closer when I was in the womb. I can see that now. This isn’t a way out of my responsibility. This is a means to take that responsibility fully. Take my assumptions and arrogance Lord. I don’t want them. I’m almost certain You don’t want them either. Remove them from our embrace.


Forgive me.


I am praying for those babies and that woman. I know it is You that breathed into them. They are Yours. Protect them always. In Jesus name Amen.

The doves are that reminder. They are preaching and singing and ministering, as I walk with force through the Wild, finding comfort in my time here. He will build it. I will carry the material and follow the plan. He will built it in me and I pray a thousand times that He is building it in you. I will find you at the edge of the water. I will praise His name when I do. I want to know you.



new woodsman love stories, recovery, clinical counseling theories Bret Marston Hall

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Moses in the Wild

new woodsman love stories, recovery, clinical counseling theories Bret Marston Hall