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Moses in the Wild
2 min readJul 15, 2022

and on second thought, just like all those days before the big jump, I’m just thinking out loud but a woman like you just might make my mom smile, and I just might wanna run up, pull up. it’s a sound we both know and a razor so we can get right.

keeping my eyes tied to that bad tattoo, when you were in a bad mood, blue butterflies for the last year, blue butterflies for the new year, still I wanna run in, bend the corner and just pull in. I can accept this. a puncture and there’s no limit.

I ain’t ever been stuck at a stoplight, with the blues lit up, gun in the glove box. thinking about those ‘60’s, like ’68 and ’69. big horses to keep you shaking, cause it is our first month and you hav traveled and you are worth it. so I’ll be the chef and you can be the deli, yes you can slice me, I’m not too particular

I heard good things about your cooking, makes me want to come and join you, I can boil too, one well seasoned episode, hot enough to stick to the couch, hot enough to make us sweat, beside each other, holding onto the fight and holding onto each other, being the best thing inside those minutes

art credit: Untitled, 2013, — — -Aboudia, (aka Abdoulaye Diarrassouba) Acrylic and oil stick on printed paper collage on canvas, 49¼ x 78¾ in (125 x 200 cm). ivory coast

Moses in the Wild

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